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Is There Ever a 'Good' Way to Break Up with Someone?

Here is one blueprint so you don't fuck it up next time.
Beth McColl
mental health

Everything I Wish I'd Known Before Starting Therapy

Some advice on how to make the most of your talking therapy if you’ve never had it before.
Hannah Ewens

Here's Every Kind of Summer Job You Will Have this Year

The VICE guide to dishwashing, landscaping, and interning at VICE.
VICE Staff

The VICE Guide to Grindr

Hopefully this helps you out.
Jaik Puppyteeth

The VICE Guide to Getting Through a Mid-20s Crisis

A collection of thoroughly scientific ways to help you stop stressing about your shit life.
Hannah Ewens

The Extremely Topical VICE Guide to Resigning

How to resign like a career politician (or Roy Hodgson) (or Chris Evans).
Joel Golby
the vice guide to comics

Watch: A Completely Objective List of the Ten Best Comic Books of All Time

In the first episode of 'The VICE Guide to Comics,' our art editor and resident comic book expert Nick Gazin shares his list of the best comic books out there, to get you beginners started.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Most of America Thinks Donald Trump Sucks, Says Poll

Seven out of ten American adults view Donald Trump unfavorably, according to a new poll.
Gabriella Lewis
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Ted Cruz Just Involved Himself in a Crazy Conspiracy Theory That’s Dividing the NRA

His newest foreign policy advisor, Frank Gaffney, is a key player in the effort to remove vocal islamophobe Grover Norquist from the organization's board.
Mike Spies
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The NYPD Wants You to Stop Sleeping with Your Phone Under Your Pillow

The NYPD tweeted out a PSA showing terrifying photos of burned bedsheets left by a phone that overheated and exploded.
Gabriella Lewis
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Feds Busted a Gang of Georgia Prison Guards for Overseeing Major Coke and Meth Deals

Some guards are also accused of facilitating multi-kilo coke and meth drug deals on the outside.
Gabriella Lewis
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The VICE Guide to the Iowa Caucuses

What you need to know about the first—and strangest—vote in the 2016 presidential race.
Grace Wyler