VICE Loves Magnum


Peter Marlow's Incredible Photos of Eerie Crises

Peter Marlow’s career has covered everything from news photography to war reporting, through street photography and a much lauded collection of portraits. I spoke to him about spotting the moments and curiosity in all types of photography.


How Photographer David Hurn Captures Sublime Moments in Mundane Life

"I once wrote something: 'Life, as it unfolds in front of the camera, is full of such complexity, such wonder, such surprise, that I find it unnecessary to create new realities.' Now, that’s rather pompous. But what I meant is it’s more pleasure for me...


Humans Become More Honest When We're Pushed to Our Limits

Michael Christopher Brown documents places and people in transition—occasionally eschewing a camera for a camera phone. From Libya, to Russia, to Broadway, to his current base in Goma, eastern Congo, Brown said he explores the “relationship between...


Moises Saman's Stunning Photos of Humanity in Conflict Zones

Peruvian photographer Moises Saman's work about the Egyptian revolution willfully avoids a chronological, ordered, historical view of the uprising, instead focusing on the humanity and emotions of the participants.


Alessandra Sanguinetti Photographs the Drama of the Countryside

She Found the Meaning of Life on the Sprawling Plains of Argentina


David Alan Harvey's Beautiful Photos of Poverty and Beach Parties

He's been everywhere from the dirt-poor towns of Virginia to the dirt-poor favelas of Rio de Janeiro, along the way amassing an amazing portfolio of startling images. We talked to him about where he comes from.


Dominic Nahr's Eerie Photos from Conflict Zones and Disaster Areas

For this round of VICE Loves Magnum we spoke to Dominic Nahr, who is still running the gauntlet of selection before becoming a full Magnum member. We discussed Africa's endless potential for stories, the eeriness of post-tsunami Japan, and how a...


Bruce Gilden Takes Street Photos Like You've Never Seen Before

Bruce Gilden is most famous for his New York street photography. These days, that term might conjure up the idea of plonkers with DSLRs taking photos of Supreme-clad youths posing on street corners. But Gilden's signature style of in-your-face street...


Chris Steele-Perkins Can't Let Go of England

Chris Steele-Perkins' early work focused on social ills in British cities. In 1979, he released his first solo book, Teds, examining the British Teddy Boy subculture of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. After that, Steele-Perkins started to travel more...


There's More to Stuart Franklin Than the Most Famous Photo of the 20th Century

Stuart Franklin is probably best known for his photo of an average-looking man with some groceries defying a line of tanks in Tiananmen Square. He also talked about art school's effect on his work, the difference between approach and style, what "news...


Jonas Bendiksen Takes Photos in Countries That Don't Exist

Unlike almost all of the other photographers we have spoken to in the VICE Loves Magnum series, Jonas Bendiksen’s work isn't focused on war zones or conflict. From examining life in marginal post-Soviet states to exploring humanity’s ever-quickening...


Peter van Agtmael Won't Deny the Strange Allure of War

Thus far, photographer Peter van Agtmael's career has focused on documenting the effects of America's post 9/11 wars both at home and abroad. For this installment of VICE Loves Magnum, we spoke to him about the attraction of conflict, and the realities...