vice sports q&a

vice sports q&a

Stu Jackson Thinks Harry Giles Will Be the Best Player from the 2017 Draft

The former NBA executive and current NBA TV analyst talks to VICE Sports about the biggest names and potential sleepers heading into this year's draft.
Michael Pina
donovan bailey

Donovan Bailey Q&A on World's Fastest Man Title and Racing Michael Johnson

We talk to Donovan Bailey about national pride, his 150-metre race against American Michael Johnson, and his legacy as one of Canada's all-time great track and field athletes.
Alex Wong
adam piore

Bionics, Gene Doping, and Brain Training: What's Next for Human Engineering in Sports?

We talked to 'The Body Builders: Inside the Science of the Engineered Human' author Adam Piore about the future of medicine, technology, and performance-enhancement in sports.
Patrick Hruby
vice sports q&a

Diamond Dallas Page On His Life, Career, And WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

The three-time world champion relives his career ahead of his WWE Hall of Fame induction this week.
Mike Piellucci

Royce White on Mental Health, David Stern, and His Fallout with the Rockets

In this VICE Sports Q&A, a candid Royce White—who suffers from anxiety disorder—opens up about mental health, blasts former NBA commissioner David Stern, talks politics, and much more.
Blake Murphy
vice sports q&a

VICE Sports Q&A: Colt Cabana On The Intersection Of Comedy And Professional Wrestling

The indie wrestling star discusses the genre he's helped make into an institution.
Mike Piellucci

DeMarre Carroll on His Fashion Roots, How to Look Fresh, and Dirty Shoes

In this VICE Sports Q&A, we talk everything fashion with the self-proclaimed best-dressed player in the NBA, Toronto Raptors forward DeMarre Carroll, a.k.a. Senior Swag Daddy.
Chris O'Leary

Michelle Tafoya on Sports Broadcasting and Working on Christmas

Michelle Tafoya was the first woman to call an NCAA Tournament game. Now she's roaming NFL sidelines on Sunday nights for NBC.
Larry Burnett
vice sports q&a

Harrison Barnes on Free Agency, the Olympics, and Playing with the Mavs

In this VICE Sports Q&A, Dallas Mavericks' Harrison Barnes talks about adjusting to his new team and what it's like to be around Dirk Nowitzki all the time.
​Jared Dubin
vice sports q&a

VICE Sports Q&A: James Worthy

The NBA Hall of Famer dishes on the surprising Los Angeles Lakers, the league, and Kobe Bryant.
Mike Piellucci
Donald Trump

Jesse Ventura On Trump, Weed, Kaepernick, And Governing Minnesota

Twenty years after he stunned the political world by becoming Minnesota's governor, the iconoclastic former wrestler sounds off on the presidential election, third party politics, and how a tax on legalized gambling could pay for sports stadiums.
Brian Blickenstaff
vice sports q&a

"I Wanted to Take the Mask Off": Harrison Browne on Coming Out as a Transgender Man in the NWHL

On Friday, Buffalo Beauts forward Harrison Browne became the first openly transgender athlete in U.S. team sports. In this VICE Sports Q&A, he talks about his decision to come out, the support he has received, and what comes next.
Kate Cimini