Possessed: Modern Day Exorcisms

The Rise of Santa Muerte Worship and Demon Exorcism in Mexico

VICE travels to Mexico City to sit in on a pastor's demon liberation ceremony and meet people who believe they've been possessed.
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How VR Video Games Could Change Our Minds

VICE explores the therapeutic potential and psychological risks that come with the emerging world of virtual reality gaming.
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How 'Orange Is the New Black' Star Jackie Cruz Overcame Tragedy and Finally Made It

The actress tells us how surviving a harrowing car accident forced her back into acting and led her to the award-winning Netflix series.
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Tinie Tempah Talks About Navigating the Underground and Mainstream Music Scenes

On this episode of VICE's 'Autobiographies,' we talk with London-based rapper Tinie Tempah about his journey from pop music to grime as he gets ready to release his new mixtape, 'Junk Food.'
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Zoë Quinn on Life Since Gamergate and Her Erotic New Video Game

In the first episode of our new web series 'VICE Gaming Meets,' the video game developer talks about online harassment and shows us her new dating simulation game inspired by Amazon best-seller Chuck Tingle.
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Empress Of Shares the Inspirations Behind Her Breakout Album 'Me'

On this episode of 'Autobiographies,' the singer-songwriter walks us through the process behind creating her debut album and becoming a breakthrough experimental pop artist.
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Inside Tokyo's Long Love Affair with 'Dance Dance Revolution'

In this VICE Gaming documentary, host Nick Norton examines Tokyo's loyal 'DDR' scene, meeting key members of its fan base, the creators behind the game, and its new generation of players.
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