There Will Never Be Another War Movie Like 'Apocalypse Now'

In the 40 years since Francis Ford Coppola's groundbreaking film came out, Hollywood has given up on capturing the depravity of war.
Paul Thompson
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Supermarkets in Thailand and Vietnam Start Using Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic

Think of it as a very literal take on "green packaging".
Edoardo Liotta
kim jong-un

The Hanoi summit will last two days. It took Kim longer than that just to get there.

Kim’s 21-carriage, bullet-proof, khaki-green train has a top speed of just 38 mph.
David Gilbert
Australia Today

15 Cans of Beer Saved This Guy From Alcohol Poisoning

Doctors in Vietnam treated a severe case of methanol poisoning with a strong dose of tinnies.
Gavin Butler

This Cup of Coffee is Made with Two Eggs

Facing a milk shortage, one coffee shop owner in 1940s Vietnam whisked egg into his coffee as a substitute. We visited one Toronto café called Dak Lak where they hope to get people hooked on this rich alternative to your morning black coffee.
VICE Staff

John McCain's Good Intentions Couldn't Save America

The central tragedy of McCain's career is that his crusades resulted in little lasting change and his principles were ignored by the party he spent his life supporting.
Harry Cheadle

How a Secret CIA Cell Fucked with Vietnam War Deserters

Spies who infiltrated antiwar radicals in Sweden helped spark fears of brainwashing and devotion to apocalyptic cults. 50 years later, we're still living with the aftermath.
Seth Ferranti
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A Vietnam 'Hero' Featured on FOX News Admits He's a Fraud

The network retracted the story ten days after being notified.
Drew Schwartz
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Richard Linklater's 'Last Flag Flying' Sends Three Sad Vets on a Road Trip

In the new trailer, Steve Carrell, Bryan Cranston, and Laurence Fishburne play three war buddies on a mission to bury one's fallen son, who died in a conflict the old hands can't understand.
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Travelling as a Person of Colour Is Stressful

Trips are supposed to be relaxing, but I can’t help but be on edge.
Sarah Hagi

From Burnaby to Saigon, Figure Skater Nam Nguyen Finds Home on the Ice

Figure skater Nam Nguyen is part of a new wave of Asian skaters redefining Asian-Canadian identity on the ice.
Minnia Feng
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A Giant King Kong Statue Burst into Flames at a Movie Premiere in Vietnam

Attendees reportedly thought it was part of the show, until the flames started spreading.
Brian Moylan