These Old Cheesing Videos Are Way Better Than Any of This New Baby Nonsense

Watch and learn.
Peter Slattery
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Truck Slamming Into an Overpass Is the Most Satisfying Thing I've Ever Seen

On one level I know it's a dangerous accident, but I can't resist a good sight gag.
Mack Lamoureux
Social Media

Why ‘And They Were Roommates’ Was the Best Vine Ever

It represented a fleeting, bygone era.
Sofie Mikhaylova
Social Media

Here’s What OG Viners Want from V2

"I’m so ready. I don’t think they’re ready for me. I’m going to post like 30 videos a day."
Premila D'Sa
Internet Exploring

Unfortunately, Jake Paul Rapping with 21 Savage Might Be the Future

If even Gucci Mane is a J Pauler, then maybe everyone will be someday.
Phil Witmer

When Will YouTube Stars Be Forced to Have Real Emotions?

Former Viners living in houses in LA constructing fake beefs and rap songs may be the nadir of the format.
Joe Bish
The Round-Up

All the Best Stuff You Missed This Week

You're busy, so we've collected our favourite things from across the VICE network over the last seven days and put them all in one place.
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resplendent sea lions

In Fond Memory of the Greatest Sports Vines

Tuesday marks the end of Vine, a looping video app that was one of the best things about the internet. Sports, and everything else, will be poorer for the loss.
David Roth
thump news

Eight Times Vine Captured the Angst and Ecstasy of Being an Electronic Music Fan

Our way of mourning the app’s impending demise.
Krystal Rodriguez

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Jury acquits leaders of Oregon standoff, 141 arrested at North Dakota pipeline protest, Hillary Clinton is reportedly considering Joe Biden for Secretary of State, and more.
VICE Staff
football kits

Smartphone FC: The Most Popular Apps Reimagined as Football Kits

If you've ever wondered what Google Maps United versus Facebook FC would look like, this should give you a good idea.
VICE Sports

NSFW: This Vine of a Guy's Dick Falling Out to 'Work' Should Be the Official Video for 'Work'

There might already be two videos for Rihanna's new single, but neither compare to this.
Joel Golby