GOP Lawmaker Said Sticking Wands In Women's Vaginas Helps Them Make Better Decisions About Abortions

A Virginia state senator made the comments on a radio show in 2012 when the state was considering a bill that would have required 'transvaginal' ultrasounds for women to get an abortion.
Carter Sherman

You All Were So Horrified by Trump's Hair That You Never Noticed the Rest

Look at those pants. And his golf cleats!
River Donaghey
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Anti-Amazon Fever Is Spreading, and Big Tech Companies Should Be Worried

After the company's deal collapsed in New York, the next community-upending project might be a tougher sell.
Ankita Rao
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Blackface Scandals Show Why Some Black People Don't Trust Democrats

The party is trying to reach out to black voters, but it doesn't help that white Democrats keep admitting they used to dress in blackface.
Taylor Hosking

Charlottesville neo-Nazi who ran Heather Heyer over with a car is claiming self-defense

In opening statements, his lawyers said they'll argue Fields felt threatened by the protesters and was in fear of serious bodily injury or death
Tess Owen
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Amazon Is Creating Cities for the Rich and Democrats Are Bending the Knee

Meanwhile, debt is exploding, Americans are very angry, and Donald Trump is honing in on a second term.
Matt Taylor
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Teens Could Actually Go to Jail for Trick-or-Treating in This Virginia Town

Any teen caught spending their Halloween in the most wholesome way imaginable could face six months behind bars.
Drew Schwartz
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Winemaker Promises 'Painful Death' for Thieves Who Stole $50,000 in Grapes

"Please know a slow and lingering death will never be long enough for you and no amount of pain you could endure will [be] great enough."
Drew Schwartz
hurricane florence

ICE says it won't arrest people seeking shelter from Hurricane Florence

"Bottom line is that we’re not doing enforcement in that area given the seriousness of the storm. There is no caveat to that statement."
Tess Owen
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Some Anti-Poop Activist Is Flagging Piles of Dog Doo with Photos of Nic Cage

Apparently Roanoke has a "serious" poop problem on its hands.
Allie Conti

Guys, the 'Bigfoot Erotica' Candidate Is Not Actually into Bigfoot Erotica

Denver Riggleman is accused of being a "devotee" of bigfoot porn, but it looks like he just enjoys crude jokes.
Harry Cheadle
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Red Hen Owner Says She'd Kick Sarah Huckabee Sanders Out Again

"We just felt there are moments in time when people need to live their convictions. This appeared to be one."
Drew Schwartz