Vladimir Putin


Donald Trump Had a Very Weird Weekend at the G7 Summit

He announced trade deals with partners who then contradicted him, said he definitely wasn't surprised by a surprise arrival, and, of course, plugged his own golf course.


Japan’s Hottest Calendar of 2019 Features Horny Pictures of Vladimir Putin

The calendar's rampant success has been attributed to young Japanese women calling themselves "Putin fans."


Moscow isn't buying Trump's sudden concern for Ukraine

"I think the true reason is rooted in the domestic political situation in the United States."


Mueller is investigating Ivanka and Don Jr.'s roles in Trump Tower Moscow

Had the tower gone up, records show, Ivanka would have had sole discretion over the building's spa and gym.


5 times Trump totally agreed with Vladimir Putin

"I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.”


'Something Close' to the Pee Tape Is Out There, US Senator Says

"It's a standard strategy of Russia," Democratic senator Jeff Merkley said.


Even by Trump Standards His Press Conference with Putin Was Bizarre

Trump loves to say "America first," but apparently believes Russia over his own intelligence agencies.


Trump said he'd bring up election meddling. He gave Putin a wink instead.

“I think we will end up having an extraordinary relationship.”


The Huge Panic About the Trump-Putin Summit Is Great for Russia

Of course, just meeting with Trump (again) is a win for his favorite strongman.


Trump is using U.S. troops as a bargaining chip to raise NATO defense spending

"This is no longer sustainable for us.”


Trump and Putin announce they will meet in Helsinki next month

“Negotiate with today’s Russia at your peril.”


Trump just hit Russian oligarchs with the most aggressive sanctions yet

The mega-wealthy oligarchs are seen as close to the Kremlin but not actually members of President Vladimir Putin’s government.