Volume 21 Issue 7

  • Doubles

    Photos by Richard Kern

  • From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: Zu Nah

    These photos came from VICE Germany and they're wonderful. It's food that looks like pussy. What else can you say?

  • If It’s In Your Nature You’ll Never Win

    The month of Ramadan in the Arab world is prime time for television dramas. As families gather around their TVs every night to break their fast, they gorge themselves on a plethora of high-budget nail-biters that routinely deal in provocative political...

  • From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: Spirit and Matter

    "All of my work sits in both the documentary tradition and the constructed tradition. The women in the photographs—those are their clothes, they are in a real space. But it is a complicated idea of what is truth; photography’s just like the eye."

  • From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: "Corporate Art Is Gross"

    For this year's Photo Issue, Jamie Lee Curtis Taete installed some bland-looking pictures of gross stuff in corporate settings where they might pass as pleasant abstractions.

  • Black and White Sunsets

    Kevin Zucker creates analog color Polaroids of sunsets by shooting through gray sheets of translucent plastic. They’re meant to convince us of something impossible: a color photo of a black-and-white sunset.