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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump now threatening to sue Bannon, Manafort sues Mueller and the Justice Department, Trump drops electoral fraud charade, and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

US, South Korea, and North Korea test missiles, 44 states refuse to release some details to Trump's election commission, Joey Chestnut wins hot dog eating contest again, and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump commission wants to publish voter details, Iraqi troops recapture ISIS stronghold in Mosul, House passes two anti-immigration bills, and more.


Why You Should Worry About Trump's Voter Fraud Probe

It won't find anything serious because voter fraud is a myth, but that doesn't mean the investigation won't be used to make it harder for people to vote in 2020.


Trump's 'Voter Fraud' Investigation Is Actually Happening

He's expected to sign an executive order Thursday setting up a commission that will look into the non-issue.


Conservative Party Tracks More Than 1,000 Memberships Back to Two IP Addresses

After Kevin O’Leary trumpets anonymous accusations, an internal investigation finds the problem is very real.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump fires acting attorney general, Boy Scouts to allow transgender recruits, French Canadian student charged for Quebec mosque shootings, and more.


Trump's Trouble with Numbers Is America's Problem Now

The new administration's insistence on exaggeration and fuzzy math is a bad sign for the next four years.


Donald Trump Claims Friendship with German Pro Golfer to Peddle His Voter Fraud Lies

What is going on with Trump's story involving the very famous golfer Bernhard Langer?