Blown Olympic Dreams

The Five-Buck Bump of Cocaine That Destroyed an Olympic Dream

Eric Thompson was a high-jump prodigy with an Olympic future well within his reach, until one failed drug test locked him in a battle with doping authorities that ultimately changed his life.
Aaron Gordon
Blown Olympic Dreams

How Does WADA Decide What Drugs Are Banned?

The World Anti-Doping Agency's process for putting drugs on the banned list leaves a lot open to interpretation.
Aaron Gordon
Blown Olympic Dreams

The Morality Myth Behind the Modern Anti-Doping Movement

Drug testing in sports did not begin with the intent of creating a level playing field. Instead, early proponents believed sports doping was a "dangerous form of moral deception."
Aaron Gordon

The Sports Media Became Puppets For A Hacker Group Yesterday

The hacker group Fancy Bears leaked documents pertaining to England runner Mo Farah without any verifiable, pertinent information, but the media reported it anyways.
Aaron Gordon
alberto salazar

Alberto Salazar Denies Doping Allegations

The Nike Oregon Project leader, who has come under fire recently for reported doping violations, strongly denied any wrongdoing.
Sean Newell

How Mamadou Sakho Fell Victim To Drug Testing’s Gray Areas

Mamadou Sakho was Liverpool's starting centerback. Then he tested positive for a banned substance. Or so we thought.
Aaron Gordon
adam nelson

We Asked Veteran Track & Field Athletes How To Possibly Fix The Doping Problem

Surely, many reasoned, the Russian doping scandal would prompt real reform. Only six months after the Olympics, nothing much has changed and athletes are getting fed up.
Aaron Gordon

Why Is Congress Wasting Its Time on Anti-Doping Issues in Sports?

On Tuesday, Congress's Oversight and Investigations subcommittee will hold a hearing regarding anti-doping in sports. But with little ability to make changes to the system, it's not exactly clear what they hope to accomplish.
Aaron Gordon
Manchester City

Whereabouts Violations Reveal Larger Flaws of English Soccer's Anti-Doping Efforts

Manchester City's £35,000 fine says an awful lot about English soccer's anti-doping system.
Aaron Gordon
Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt Loses "Triple Triple" After 2008 Olympic Relay Team Stripped of Gold for Doping Violation

Usain Bolt's relay teammate Nesta Carter just cost him his legendary "triple triple."
Patrick Sauer

Anti-Doping Bosses Call for Ban on Russia Hosting International Sporting Events

Anti-doping bosses want Russia barred from hosting and participating in international competition
Brian Blickenstaff

"Disturbing" WADA Politics Have Blocked MMA's Olympic Hopes

MMA’s international amateur governing body, IMMAF, believe that other sports that have already been recognized by Sport Accord blocked the federation from becoming a signatory to the WADA code, and without that MMA cannot become an Olympic Sport.
Peter Carroll