The Welsh Language Isn't Dead, But Your Opinion of It Is

As I love to tell people after a few Strongbow Dark Fruits, continued false claims of the Welsh language being "pointless" or "extinct" are just an extension of English teachers and tyrants quite literally beating it out of us in the past.
Gina Tonic

Wales Is Leading the Way in LGBT-Inclusive Sex Education

It just became one of the first countries in the world to make it compulsory, in a change to the curriculum that will be rolled out in 2022.
Gina Tonic

Welsh TV is Having a Moment

Behold the rise of "Celtic noir".
Emma Garland
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Happy Halloween: A Bunch of Octopuses Are Creeping onto Beaches While You Sleep

"It was a bit like an end of days scenario."
River Donaghey

Why One of the World's Biggest Rockstars Got Away with Child Abuse

Ian Watkins' crimes were a new type of appalling, yet he managed to keep offending for four years after complaints were made to police.
Kevin EG Perry
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A Fateful Hunt for a Buried Stash of the Greatest LSD Ever Made

In the 1970s, a quiet pocket of rural Wales became the psychedelic hub of the world. We went back in search of the chemists, dealers and thousands of hidden blotters.
Joe Zadeh

Watch Our Documentary About Swansea's Teenage Heroin Addicts

An award-winning look at a generation lost to heroin, as told through the tragic love story of Amy and Cornelius.
VICE Staff
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This Drunk Guy Became the First to Swim Across the Hoover Dam and Live

"I don't have any regrets. I even have a tattoo saying 'no regrets.' That's the type of person I am."
River Donaghey
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A Chicken Tikka Masala Bath Turned This Seagull Orange

"The thing that shocked us the most was the smell. He smelled amazing."
Matthew James-Wilson

Goodbye, Xbox 360, and Thanks for the Memories

Normally, console discontinuations wash over you, but there is something especially sad about the end of the 360's run.
Jonathan Beach
Dean Blunt

Here's What Happens if You Call the Number Dean Blunt Gives Out on the New Babyfather Album

Turns out DJ Escrow is a confused waiter from Chepstow.
Lewis Moulds

What I Learned About Being Welsh at the 'Welshfest' Festival in Georgia

It's like St. Patrick's Day, but Welsh and in one tiny town in Georgia.
Hywel John