Long Walks Were the Antidote to My Fear of Failure

The meditation of walking in a city is not as internal as that of hiking. You do not lose yourself in the silence; rather, you melt into the physical beat of observation.
Judnick Mayard
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Legal Weed Might Be Getting Pedestrians Killed, Study Finds

Deaths on US roadways shot up in states where weed is legal in 2017—and dropped across the rest of the country.
Drew Schwartz

Canadians Only Slightly Less Lazy Than Americans: Study

Even the Brits are in better shape than us!
Moses Monterroza
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Robert Walser Turned Small Lives Into Incredible Fiction

An excerpt from 'Walks with Walser,' a revealing new book about the legendary Swiss writer.
Carl Seelig
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The Joys and Dangers of Walking While Black

We spoke to Garnette Cadogan, whose brilliant essay in 'The Fire This Time' shows how walking is yet another arena where a black person must tread carefully.
Mensah Demary

​We Spoke to the Stoner Who Snapchatted for 24 Hours Straight While Walking Canada’s Longest Street

An idea that was birthed in pot smoke and ended in a baptism of sewage water. Solid Saturday.
Jake Kivanc
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Leslie Ponders the Joy of Walking in Today's Comic from Leslie Stein

"By walking you escape the very idea of identity, the temptation to be someone..."
Leslie Stein

Michael's Dad Tries to Help in This Week's Comic from Stephen Maurice Graham

"Stop being a let down and start being a get up and go."
Stephen Graham

Two Decades in Brooklyn by Hiroyuki Ito

Hiroyuki Ito captures everything from Koko the Killer Clown at Coney Island to anonymous morning commuters on the Q train in his new photobook, 'Brooklyn.'
Hiroyuki Ito

Smug Brits Don't Deserve the Tube Strike

These workers are concerned with the extra shifts they'll have to work to run the Tube's new all-night service. But they should be grateful. A tired conductor could mean British bodies sizzling over a burning train carriage.
Sam Kriss