Is This Mayweather-McGregor Belt Awesome, or Ugly as Sin?

The WBC calls it the Money Belt and it has more than 4,000 jewels on it (among other things).


There is a Hair Dye Shortage in Puerto Rico Because of Bleached Blond WBC Squad

Blonds have more fun, even in baseball.


Adam Jones' Catch that Robbed the Dominican Republic May Have Made A Legend of Team USA Yet

Adam Jones gave us something to look out for with Team USA in the WBC future: the legend of the little guys.


Fan Gets Hit in Balls on Home Run Ball

A fan almost had a chance to catch a home run ball during Netherlands-Cuba in the WBC. He got hit in the dick instead.


Javier Baez Celebrates the Rare No-Look Tag at Second Base Before it Even Happens

Javier Baez celebrated Yadier Molina's throw to second before he even tagged the runner out in Puerto Rico's win over the Dominican Republic.


How, Exactly, Did a Stupid Tiebreaker Screw Mexico out of WBC?

The WBC has been a very exciting and fun tournament so far, but after Mexico beat Venezuela and still was ousted, we have a little controversy.


Fernando Rodney Pulls Enormous, Golden Plantain Out of His Pants

The World Baseball Classic looks like a whole lot of fun.


Two Extremely Tall Guys Made Baseball History In The World Baseball Classic

At the end of an insignificant game, in the middle of the night, Dutch pitcher Loek Van Mil and Team Israel first baseman Nate Freiman made history. Probably.


Jose Bautista Batters Canada in Dominican's Predictable WBC Rout

Bautista torched his adopted country, leading the Dominicans to a 9-2 victory over Canada to kick off Pool C play at the World Baseball Classic.


What It Was Like Fighting for Canada in the 2013 WBC Brawl with Mexico

Team Canada outfielder Tim Smith writes about the team's wild bench-clearing brawl with Mexico at the World Baseball Classic.


Israel is For Real in WBC after Stunning South Korea in Tournament Opener

Israel are 200-1 odds to win the whole tournament, but they're off to a good start.


Does Deontay Wilder Have the Skills to Be THE Heavyweight Champion?

Last Saturday, WBC champ Deontay Wilder won by 5th round TKO against Gerald Washington but looked questionable in doing so.