How to Handle a Japanese Sword

Jason Nip is an expert in ancient Japanese swordsmanship. We met him at the dojo to test his sword and learn about owning and maintaining a katana.


A South Korean university is building killer robots — and AI experts are not happy

"It is regrettable that a prestigious institution like KAIST looks to accelerate the arms race to develop such weapons.”


Canada stalls on new weapons for Iraq’s Kurds, after they routed ISIS

A Canadian shipment of grenade launchers and sniper rifles is in limbo, as the U.S. continues for support fighters who played a key role battling ISIS


Everything we know about Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz

“My friends used to joke that he looked like a stereotypical school shooter, and unfortunately he ended up being that.”


These Badass Women Forge Beautiful BDSM Weapons

Rozliubit co-founders Sasha Pharoah and Sua Yoo craft custom blades and armor that are beloved by Chicago's hip-hop royalty.


Canada reviewing $233 million helicopter sale to Philippines amid drug war deaths

The Liberal government had approved the deal, but ordered a review following outcry about human rights violations


Florida gun dealer has “zero apologies” for threatening antifa

“We offer zero apologies to anyone that is offended by this advertisement that depicts armed, but peaceful, patriotic Americans standing up against socialist, anarchist and communist rioters”


An alleged Russian spy secretly toured Canada with Trudeau and Ukraine’s PM

Stanislav Yezhov has been arrested and accused of treason for passing information to Russian intelligence.


Trump Reportedly Asked for More Nukes Because of a Powerpoint Graph

The president was apparently dismayed at the downward trend showing a drop in the stockpile since the late 1960s.


The fight over East Jerusalem is going underground

The Israeli Palestinian conflict is coming to a head underground in East Jerusalem