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Man’s Body Found Inside a Women’s Bathroom Wall in a Mall

Everything about this story is creepy.
Allison Tierney
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This Guy Keeps Getting a Bunch of Weird Shit from Amazon He Never Ordered

"I've made several calls and I can't seem to get them to stop."
Drew Schwartz
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This Alarm Clock Inside a Living Room Wall Has Been Ringing for 13 Years

It goes off once a night, every night, forever.
River Donaghey
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Clown with Bladed Gloves Murders Man and Escapes on Scooter, Cops Say

It all went down in the parking lot of a Torchy's Tacos in Denver.
Josiah Hesse
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An 11-Year-Old Girl Brought a Knife to School to Ward Off Evil Clowns

The sixth grader was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds.
VICE Staff

Why America Is So Obsessed with Florida

We asked a Sunshine State expert why Florida is America's class clown.
​Jon Silman

Is Pooping Out Bespoke Jewelry the Future of Luxury?

Designer Nikolas Gregory created the Ripley, an art project that has everything a human theoretically needs to shit personalized jewelry out of their ass.
Mark Hay
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The 'Affluenza Teen' Was Arrested in Mexico

Texas teenager Ethan Couch, famous for evading jail time after killing four people while driving drunk in 2013, was arrested with his mother on Monday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
VICE Staff

Guarding an Island Prison with Killer Crocodiles Is a Shitty Idea

We asked experts to explore the logistics of Indonesian Commander General Budi Waseso's plan to create an island prison for drug offenders that is guarded by up to 1,000 crocodiles, not to mention a few tigers and piranhas thrown into the mix.
Mark Hay
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Mysterious Lawn Creatures Are Plaguing a California Woman's Yard

Is this a Watcher-style threat? Or just the work of some unruly, but particularly creative, teens?
Drew Millard

Some Murderous 'Nazi Cows' Have Been Murdered in the UK

Farmer Derek Gow has had to mostly destroy a herd of cows that—sort of, kind of—were bred by Nazis. You're thinking about cows with very specific patches of black on their white, white hides, aren't you?
Joel Golby
This Week in Teens

Fall Is Here and Teens Are Still Lighting Themselves on Fire

The first leaves are turning color. Like a teen's body, the weather is going through changes. But even as time passes, some weird stunts are apparently too tempting to resist.
Hanson O'Haver