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Biorhythms: The 1970s Fad That Won a Super Bowl, Killed Clark Gable, and Made America Gaga for Computers

Long before copper bracelets and nanobubbles, the sports world—and America, too—went all-in on the pseudoscience of biorhythms.


Throwback Thursday: Crushed Testicles And The Birth Of Sports Doping

In 1889, Hall of Fame pitcher Pud Galvin tossed a gem after receiving an injection containing crushed dog and guinea pig testicles, ushering in the era of sports doping.


Dingball - Badda Biff Badda Booch

Turdswallo had a lousy date last night, so he's going to use magic to create his ideal date. Who will it be?


This Guy Can Hear Wi-Fi, He Says it Sounds like Minimal Techno

Wi-Fi is always hard to find. In moments of drought, we attempt to connect to unknown networks with dubious names. Other times, for whatever reason, there isn't even any Wi-Fi in reach - not even the supposedly omnipresent The Clou


Horror Legends Describe the Scariest Things That Have Ever Happened to Them

Featuring Stories from Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Clive Barker, and more.


Great Medicinal Chemists of the 20th Century

Photos by Dan Meyer; Retouching by Mike De Leon


The Novelizer

Sadly, the market for novelizations has begun to dry up. So I called Alan Dean Foster, author of novelizations for many films like 'Alien' and 'Star Wars,' to find out how the science-fiction fans of tomorrow will satisfy their appetite for transmedia...


Criminal Chlorination

There exist gentlemen scientists, who seek to further the field of psychoactive-drug synthesis in the privacy of their own homes. Here I present an interview with a clandestine chemist whose curiosity of forbidden molecules left him locked in a cage.


This Guy Bends Hard Rods with His Mind 

Shit. I’ve been determinedly rubbing this metal skewer for more than 25 minutes and it still doesn’t want to bend. I’m doing everything my metal-bending teacher, Jean-Pierre Girard, has instructed me to: I’m wearing green, stroking the rod tenderly...


Turtle Boys

David Ohle completely vanished from the literary landscape after publishing his 1972 debut novel, 'Motorman.' 'Turtle Boys' is a hitherto unpublished investigation of the mutant anatomy of turtle boys.



The room went silent as the scientist slowly opened the cage door and gently removed a two-week-old specimen of his own invention, plainly stating, “Behold the final frontier of cute: the kuppy-cat.”


Did This Teenage Brainiac Cure Cancer?

Fifteen-year-old Jack Andraka invented a tool to diagnose cancer that is 160 times faster, 100 times less expensive, and 400 times more sensitive than previous cancer-testing procedures. We asked him how he got so smart.