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A Bunch of People Got Naked and Slaughtered a Sheep at Auschwitz

They then chained themselves to the camp's front gate before authorities arrested them.
Brian Moylan

We Review Our Favourite Movies from TIFF

Watch the trailers for Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, Barry and Free Fire.
Amil Niazi, Chris Bilton, Jake Kivanc, Brandon Har

Why Katherine Dunn's 'Geek Love' Was a Bible to Weird Kids Like Me

Katherine Dunn died this week, but her work—especially the incredible novel "Geek Love"—spoke to everyone who thought of themselves as an outsider or weirdo.
Molly Crabapple
Paris Lees

How David Bowie Made the World a Little Safer for Misfits and Weirdos

I believe in equality, but I don't believe we're all equal. Some people are special. David Bowie was one of them.
Paris Lees

Photos of the Freaks and Weirdos Riding the NYC Subway on Halloween

For many, Halloween in New York City is a bigger deal than Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Kwanza, Easter, Fourth of July, and their own birthdays and anniversaries combined.
Chris Nieratko
prehistoric capitalism

The Greatest Sports Card Collection Ever Is Finally Where Everyone Can See It

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has owned the greatest card collection ever for nearly 70 years, and kept it mostly out of sight. Now, slowly, it is arriving online.
Joe DeLessio
Festivals 2015

Scenes from Incubate 2015, the Netherlands's Most Wildly Diverse Music Festival

Revel in the madness and magic of Incubate with this photo gallery of highlights from the eclectic Dutch festival.
Kim Kelly

The Prime Minister of Dick Is the Best Penis Artist on Earth

Meet the Prime Minister of Dick, or PMD for short. He's a South African artist who "slings dicks and dicktures" for a living—i.e. absurd, surreal, and sometimes brilliant illustrations of, well, penises.
Zach Sokol

Part I: The Complete Oral History of Legendary Rock-Doc Series "The Decline of Western Civilization"

We talked to the living Gods of L.A. punk about the making of this seminal series.
Tony Rettman

How Catfishing Worked Before the Internet

People have been lying about their identities in search of notoriety or love or thrills for a long, long time.
Mike Pearl

What We Learned About Canada by Looking at Your Weird Google Searches

Google collects and publishes data on the world's Google searches, so we rolled up our sleeves to find the weirdest, freakiest, darkest provinces and territories in Canada based on their Googlin' habits. The results may or may not surprise you.
VICE Canada

Tommy Peepers

When you peep into a neighbor's window, the neighbor's window also peeps into you.
Ginette Lapalme