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The Cult: Joe Allen

Though he's now plying his trade in the heart of Brexitland, Joe Allen is very much a European – rather than British – footballer. As divine in his midfield performances as he is in appearance, the Welshman is a worthy inductee to The Cult.
Leon Barton
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​Trauma in Tbilisi: Remembering Wales' 5-0 Defeat to Georgia

In November 1994, Wales travelled to Georgia for a Euro '96 qualifier – and the hosts ran riot. What happened in Tbilisi that day would go down as one of the worst Welsh showings on the international stage.
Jim Weeks
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The Gentle Giant: Remembering Welsh Football Legend John Charles

John Charles' goalscoring prowess in Yorkshire and Turin made him an icon of European football – and perhaps the greatest player to emerge from Wales.
Scott Salter
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Tiger Bay FC: The Welsh Football Club Representing a Displaced Community

Tiger Bay are not the average Welsh lower-league side, with every player and staff member at this small club either a first or second-generation immigrant. VICE Sports travelled to Cardiff to find out more.
Jim Weeks
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​Welsh Football Team Not Welsh Enough to be Honoured at Welsh Cultural Festival

The Welsh national team will not be honoured at this year's Eisteddfod, because an Archdruid is upset that several players do not speak Welsh.
Jim Weeks
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Scenes of Pride and Devastation: Photographing London's Welsh Fans

Ahead of the biggest game in the history of Welsh football, we went to photograph Wales fans in London. The result was gutting, but the reaction one of complete acclaim.
Will Magee
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For Welsh Fans, The Biggest Challenge is To Believe This is Real

Wales had genuinely come to believe that footballing success was something that only happened to other nations. Now that it's happening to them, the feeling is something close to shock.
Jim Weeks
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​Chris Coleman's Brother-In-Law Sets Up JustGiving Page to Help Pay Dean Saunders' Parking Fine

In a show of good, Welsh solidarity, people are chipping in to cover Dean Saunders' costs after he left his car at Birmingham Airport for the duration of the Euros.
Will Magee
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The London Welsh: Watching The Match Against England With The Capital’s Wales Fans

For Welsh rugby fans, the Famous Three Kings is the London pub of choice. We went to see if the same held true for football, and how it felt to support Wales behind enemy lines.
Will Magee
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Managing Wales and Gary Speed's Legacy: Chris Coleman Must Do Both at Euro 2016

In November 2011, Wales boss Gary Speed took his own life. A little under four years later, his country qualified for Euro 2016. Chris Coleman is in charge now, but Speed remains closely linked with the side that will play in France.
Jim Weeks
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Ashley Williams Claims Wales Squad Celebrate “Joe Allen Appreciation Day” Every Week

Either the team have found inner mindfulness thinking about Joe Allen, or he’s started up some sort of cult.
Will Magee
Euro 2016

​Manic Street Preachers to Release Wales' Official Euro 2016 Song

If you tolerate this, maybe a decent England song will be next.
UK Sports Staff