westgate mall

    • 11.17.14

      Somalia: The Fight Against al Shabaab

      Simon Ostrovsky traveled to Somalia to learn how the militant group al Shabaab evolved from a localized threat to a regional one.​

    • 6.2.14

      Jihad in Kenya

      VICE News headed to Mombasa to speak with Abubaker Shariff Ahmed, the highest-profile radical sheik in Kenya, before he was assassinated in April, and to get an up-close view of those living and dying in the cross hairs of a holy war being fought on...

    • 10.5.13

      Was a British Woman Behind al-Shabaab’s Westgate Attack?

      On the first day of al-Shabaab’s siege of the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, several bystanders allegedly spotted a veiled white woman commanding the gunmen in Arabic. The next day, the British tabloid the Daily Mail identified the woman as “the...

    • 10.2.13

      The Westgate Attack Shows How Desperate al-Shabaab Have Become

      With the militant group panicking and in disarray, they’re ready to lash out regardless of the consequences. Not content with stoning adulterous women, recruiting child soldiers, and taking young girls as "wives," al-Shabaab wants to set up an Islamic...

    • 9.24.13

      Somali Jihadists' Growing Pains Are a Pain for Everyone

      The attack on the Westgate Shopping Center in Nairobi, Kenya, illustrates that the al Qaeda-affiliated group al-Shabaab is now more concerned with international jihad than Islamist Somalian nationalism. That's bad.

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