3 days ago

Watch Incredible Footage of Whales Hunting With ‘Nets’ Made of Bubbles

“We’re observing how these animals are manipulating their prey and preparing the prey for capture.”


Someone Just Moved a Billion Dollars in Bitcoin and No One Knows Why

This is one of the largest bitcoin transactions ever.


Humpback Whales Learn New Songs as They Travel

“The migration patterns of humpback whales are written into their songs.”


Canada Bans Whale and Dolphin Captivity

The House of Commons voted in favour of Bill S-203, which sets out to protect cetaceans from the trauma of confinement for entertainment purposes.


Dead Whales Are Washing Up in Droves on California’s Beaches

Ten dead gray whales have been spotted at Bay Area beaches over the last two months.


Inside the Mystery of Animal 'Suicide'

The idea of animals taking their own lives has intrigued humankind for aeons.


Good job, humans, you killed this whale

Sperm whale that washed up dead in Spain had 64 pounds of plastic garbage in its body.


Beached whale rescued by Nova Scotian volunteers safely back at sea

“It was a time critical incident,” animal rescuer said after 100 volunteers joined the operation.


Right whales could go extinct, American officials warn

Canada and the U.S. need to examine ship speed, fishing gear and climate change, report says


These massive endangered whales keep dying off the coast of Canada and the U.S.

Sixteen whales have died in only five months, and scientists are calling for action


Alaska's veterinary pathologists figure out why animals die

Alaska's go-to veterinary pathologist, Kathy Burek, shows how climate change might be affecting animals.


Whales Keep Dying off the East Coast and Scientists Don’t Know Why

Yet another right whale was found dead yesterday.