White Power


How the 'Trump Effect' Is Making School Hell for Minority Students

Since Trump won on Wednesday, white students in schools across the nation have spewed hate at people of color, the LGBTQ community, and immigrants.
Erica Euse
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Cops Found Guns, Drugs, Bombmaking Tips, and Nazi Swag in a Long Island House

The local police commissioner compared the threat to the one preceding the Orlando tragedy that killed 49 people.
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The Borders Issue

This ATV-Riding Immigrant Hunter Is the New Face of Europe's Far Right

Thirty-year-old former wrestler and scrapyard owner Dinko Valev rose to international notoriety after uploading cellphone videos of his migrant hunting in the remote, mountainous Strandzha region of Bulgaria.
Aaron Lake Smith

Right-Wing Extremism Is Thriving in Canada

'They gave me an outline for who to blame for my life and for the state of the world.'
Rachel Browne

Foiled Halifax Shooting Suspect’s Tumblr Filled with Nazi GIFs, Columbine References

Despite internet presences celebrating the Columbine shooters and Nazis, the would-be perpetrators of a mass shooting in Halifax were not terrorists, according to authorities.
Hilary Beaumont

The KKK Embraces Diversity in Harrison, Arkansas

Residents of Harrison, in Boone County, Arkansas, want to move beyond the town's racist history. The trouble is, the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan have settled in the area and made it their national headquarters.
Peter Rugh

White Student Union

We recently went to Towson University to speak with Matthew Heimbach, the founder of a group that advocates for “persons of European heritage." We also met the students who want him off campus... or at least muzzled. 'White Student Union' is a...
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