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Watch a Trailer For A New Doc That Tells Whitney Houston's Tragic Story

'WHITNEY' will have its world premiere at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival – see a trailer here.
Noisey Staff
New music

Whitney's Unreleased Demo "You and Me" Is Smoother Than Smooth

It's the first single off an upcoming demo compilation out November 10.
Phil Witmer
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Watch Whitney's New Video for Their Cover of Lion's "You've Got A Woman"

And then go tell them to release a studio version of NRBQ's "Magnet," please.
Alex Robert Ross

Trevor Sensor’s Distinct Voice Is Part of an Articulate Midwestern Rock Lineage

We chat to the songwriter about small town America and his debut album on Jagjaguwar.
Tim Scott

It's Lit Upon the Lake: How Whitney Became a Real Band for Real People

The Chicago band's songwriters talk about Ludacris's Instagram and moving on from past projects with their new album 'Light Upon The Lake.'
Allie Volpe
The Do It Well and Leave Something Witchy Issue

The Final Secret of David Wojnarowicz

Through his art, Wojnarowicz gave voice to the unspeakable, be it the banal brutality of the suburbs, the roaring horror of AIDS, or the beauty of two gay men having sex on an abandoned pier in downtown Manhattan—all subjects he came by honestly.
Hugh Ryan

Surfware is the First Clothing Line Designed for Surfing the Web

Artist Cory Arcangel has made supercuts of cats on pianos playing Shoenberg, ordered pizzas with a single line of code, and hung “paintings” that were made with a single click on Photoshop. Now, he's gearing up to launch a clothing line, Arcangel...
Jessica Holland