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This Guy Broke Into a House Just to Clip His Toenails and Make Eggs, Cops Say

He also took a bath, washed his clothes, and brushed his teeth before the cops arrested him.
Drew Schwartz
But Why

This 65-Year-Old Woman in Florida Sent Me An Email About How 'Rap is Bad'

So I interviewed her about it?????
Daisy Jones
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Yung Lean, Why Are You Always In The Forest?

The Swedish rapper and frequent collaborator Bladee have released a video for “Lordship” and they're out in the wilderness again.
Daisy Jones
Holy Shit

Well, Wendy's Made a Rap Mixtape Too and It's Harder Than Bricks

First it was Hamburger Helper, now Wendy's has dropped 'We Beefin?,' an EP hotter than a Spicy Chicken Sandwich.
Phil Witmer
Owen Wilson

Why Did 600 People Gather in Melbourne to 'Say Wow Like Owen Wilson'?

We went along to ask.
Sam Nichols
Important Questions Raised By...

Some Questions About the Baffling Video for Eminem and Ed Sheeran's "River"

Did Ed Sheeran have to practice swearing? Could Eminem beat Floyd Mayweather in a match?
Phil Witmer
Alex Robert Ross

We Asked People Why They Were Schoolyard Bullies

“I remember scooping up a handful of dead bugs and spiders from the windowsill, and dumping them into her mouth.”
Jesse Donaldson
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Some Questions About This Video of Miguel Having Sex with the Air

I just want to talk.
Lauren O'Neill
ok, wow

Jason Derulo and Liam Payne in a 'Rap Battle' Will Ruin Your Day

Why, please.
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
Ryan Bassil
Tshepo Mokoena
the worst things of all time

We're Very Sorry but Will Smith's Midlife Crisis Is Officially Here

Footage of the Fresh Prince performing his new EDM travesty makes us wonder: how did it get to this?
Phil Witmer
bad ideas

This Toronto Business Thinks Being Healthy Is ‘Gangster,’ FFS

Make it stop.
Sarah Hagi

These Date Night DVD Movie Bundles Are a Beautiful Mess

Sony's "His vs. Hers" double bills are the high point of a ridiculous trend in disposable media that will never be replicated in the age of Netflix.
Frederick Blichert