william eggleston

    • 10.7.14

      Photographer Marley Hutchinson Sees Life in Everything

      "I think photography is an expression of a lust for life, and is a way to almost immortalize beauty—to freeze a slice of time forever."

    • 3.6.13

      The Polaroid Kidd Has a Photo Show in NYC Today

      Train-hopping photographer Mike Brodie's new book is amazing—a record of his years on the road. It depicts a life that most folks will never live or even glimpse, except in Brodie’s work, and it cements his status as that real and rare thing: an...

    • 1.30.13

      The Roster for Ken Miller's 'Photography' Show Will Blow Your Mind

      When we first saw the line up for 'Photography,' we fell out of our chairs. It features new(!) work by William Eggleston, Nan Goldin, Ryan McGinley, Martin Parr, Terry Richardson, and Stephen Shore. We took the curator of the show, Ken Miller, out to...