Deep Ass Questions

An Elaborate Theory About What Happened When Travis Scott Fell in That Hole

Let's dive in.
Trey Smith
Dan Ozzi
Vice News Tonight

The snarling war between cattle ranchers and conservationists over wolves

Oregon ranchers want to kill whole packs of wolves. They might actually get the chance.
Nigel Duara
the symbolism of football motifs

Explaining The Obscure Origins Of English Football’s Best Badges

In entirely subjective fashion, we have selected the best club crests in English football and attempted to explain what they mean.
Will Magee
Holy Shit

Jesus Wept: Kanye West Shares Tearful Video for "Wolves"

Is it in CDQ, though?
Jabbari Weekes
reel talk

Asking Animals About Kevin Durant, Re-Styling Lithuanian Dunkers, and More: Corbin Smith's Review

In pursuit of the ultimate Kevin Durant Take, we turn the question over to various citizens of the animal world. Also, an image overhaul for the newest Knick.
Corbin Smith
Internet Exploring

Thanks to This UK Rapper 'The Life of Pablo' Is Finally On iTunes, Kind Of

'TLOP' as interpreted by a British rapper/gamer/internet guy.
Byron Yan

Alberta is Still Slaughtering Wolves Because It Doesn’t Know How To Say ‘No’ to Industry

The government has commissioned the killing of well over 1,000 wolves in the past decade.
James Wilt
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Sia Sing "Chandelier” and “Diamonds” While Pretty Much Blind in a Car

That wig is a safety hazard.
Jabbari Weekes
brief histories

Waiting For "Wolves" CDQ: The Oral History of A Kanye West Song

One man celebrates the one year anniversary of waiting for Kanye West’s “Wolves” CDQ.
Jabbari Weekes
Objectively Correct Lists

Here Are All The Ways The New Nickelback Album Will Be Better Than 'SWISH'

"Wolves" will never be as great as that one song they made about 'Spider-Man.'
Noisey Canada Staff

What the Evolution of Kit Sponsors Tells Us About the Premier League

A look back over two decades of shirt sponsors provides a stripped-down history of the Premier League's rapid financial development.
Alex Hess
good feet for a big man

Arsenal Goalkeeper is the Solution to Arsenal's Striker Shortage

Arsenal's out-on-loan 'keeper can hit the sweetest volley.
VICE Sports