women in dance music


How a New Festival for Female, Non-Binary, and Trans Artists Plans to Crush the Patriarchy (Eventually)

TUFFEST in Seattle is pushing marginalized communities into the spotlight—and asking cis, white men to step aside.
Amber Cortes

Meet the Women Combatting Gender Inequality with a Female-Friendly DJ Workshop Series

"We want to be included, because we know and have perfected our craft, not because of our gender."
Chippy Nonstop
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FML, A Dance Music Blog Called DJane Is Running a Beauty Contest for Female DJs

All the publication wants to know is who’s the hottest DJ on the planet. Who would do something like this?
Jesse Weiss
women in dance music

Can Teaching Young Women to DJ and Produce Solve Gender Inequality in Electronic Music?

From San Francisco’s Women’s Audio Mission to Brooklyn’s Powrplnt, women across the country are using education to reverse industry sexism.
Sophie Weiner

Photos From Discwoman's Epic Takeover of Mexico City

Dance music's coolest girl gang threw a two-day festival headlined by The Black Madonna.
Michelle Lhooq

We Asked a Room Full of Dope Women About How to Close the Gender Gap in Dance Music

THUMP hosted a panel with Honey Dijon, Discwoman, and other powerful women in music during BEMF—here's what happened.
Michelle Lhooq
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This Is How Some Anti-Feminist Commenters Are Reacting to NPR's Profile on Discwoman

"Boys and men are attacked by feminism. My perception is based on philosophy and actions."
Michelle Lhooq
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This Useful Website Puts the Spotlight On Female Experimental Musicians

Many Many Women is a new, online archive dedicated to female musicians actively working in the fields of avant-garde music.
Max Pearl
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Condé Nast Bought Pitchfork, But the Moral of the Story is "Millennial Males"

The numbers suggest that Pitchfork's readership really does skew towards young males—so why is everyone mad?
Michelle Lhooq

Juliana Huxtable Made a Mix for Feminist Techno Collective Discwoman's One-Year Anniversary

The trans icon's selection of club tracks emphasize what Discwoman is all about: female authorship.
Michelle Lhooq