women in prisons

    • 8.12.15

      How the British Prison System Fails Female Criminals

      Subjecting nonviolent women to the penal torment and social stigma of prison does a hell of a lot more harm than good—for both the inmates and their children.

    • 3.18.15

      Babies Behind Bars

      One hundred babies are born in prisons in England and Wales each year, yet there's no universal standard for what prisons have to provide for pregnant women—in extreme cases, some have been left to clean their cell after miscarrying.

    • 10.19.12

      Hey There, Lonely Girl

      It breaks my heart to think about a woman all on her own in prison. Basically, I’m down to do what you want me to. Maybe I can send you some old books or pornos or something. If you tell me your interests I can print out articles from online or send...

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