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I Should Be Allowed to Leave Men Out of My Studies

There’s a much-needed push for gender equality in science, but the government's inclusion mandates can backfire.
Liisa Galea
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South Korea Is Lifting Its 66-Year-Old Ban on Abortions

In a landmark ruling, a South Korean court has ordered lawmakers to revise the ban by the end of 2020.
Mustika Hapsoro
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Gynecologist accused of sexual misconduct could cost USC $215 million in a class action suit

Scores of women say they were sexually abused by George Tyndall. He has denied all wrongdoing.
Carter Sherman
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When Women's Pain Isn't Taken Seriously

In the UK, hysteroscopies—a procedure by which doctors examine the inside of the uterus—are routinely performed without any form of pain relief. But for some women, the experience can be unbearably painful.
VICE Staff
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Arizona law says your ex can make babies with your embryos even if you don’t want to

The measure is the first of its kind and has abortion-rights groups concerned.
Carter Sherman

BC Just Announced Free Access to the Abortion Pill

British Columbia is the latest of six provinces to offer Mifegymiso at no cost.
Sarah Berman

What Happens to Your Body in the Hours and Days After an Abortion

One in three women in Britain will have an abortion at some point in their lives.
Sarah Graham
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I Spent Some Time Staring at Strangers' Vaginas at a Vulva Watching Workshop

And they all stared back at mine.
Rebecca Baden
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The current version of Trumpcare is a disaster for women’s health

Emma Fidel
Morgan Conley
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Breaking the Cycle That Keeps Girls Out of School Monthly

High school senior Maya Penn is working to get sanitary products to women and girls in developing countries.
Mary Pilon
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Donald Trump broke a lot of campaign promises, but he kept his word on abortion

Carter Sherman
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Pro-Life Activists Who Filmed Planned Parenthood Officials Now Face Felony Charges

David Robert Daleiden and Sandra Merritt​ were charged with 15 counts of violating privacy and recording people without their consent.
Lauren Messman