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Abortion in New Zealand and How We Got Here

Untangling the criminal history of abortions in New Zealand shows our laws have long been out of step with society.
Laetitia Laubscher
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Meet the 17-Year-Old Boy Calling Out His Classmates for Objectifying Women

Noah Abraham is a leader in ManUp, an initiative that aims to get high school boys to reject toxic masculinity and to learn about sexual consent.
Manisha Krishnan

Women Talk About the Worst Body Shaming They've Experienced

"I've been told that I look like a reptile and that my skin is repulsive."
Melpomeni Maragkidou
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Wahlberg Also Made Eight Times Michelle Williams's Salary for 'All the Money'

He was reportedly paid $5 million for his role, while Williams made just $625,000.
Drew Schwartz

Why Thousands of Innocent Women Were Locked Away in Asylums

A lesser-known story from Italy's fascist era.
Elena Viale

Photos that Show How Our Society Can Break Women

Award-winning photojournalist Marie Hald shares some of her most powerful works and the stories behind them.
VICE Staff
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Trump Just Made It Easier for States to Target Planned Parenthood

The president reversed an Obama-era rule that said states can't defund family planning clinics just because they also provide abortions.
Drew Schwartz
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We Asked Our Grandmas What They Would Have Done Differently

If they'd had the same rights as young women today.
VICE Staff

Let Them Eat Vagina Cake

Women are making super graphic sweets for baby showers in celebration of the life-giving power of their bodies.
Erica Euse

Trump and Trudeau to Start Task Force to Help Women in the Workplace

The task force is just one of many business issues the two leaders are expected to discuss Monday.
Jake Kivanc
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Why Not Even Taylor Swift Can Exist in a Political Vacuum

To stay silent, or just self-promote, is to be deafeningly noticeable at a time when global politics have turned upside-down.
Grace Medford
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An Iowa Congressman Is Bringing a Six-Week Nationwide Abortion Ban to the House

Republican Steve King rallied around his so-called heartbeat bill on Tuesday, which could effectively ban abortion in the US.
Catherine Pears