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North London's Mazi Chukz Encompasses the African Diaspora with "Gyaldem Sugar"

The song features elements of R&B, Afro Fusion, dancehall, and more.
Lawrence Burney

Did the Remote Island of Cape Verde Really Reshape Electronic Music Forever?

We spoke to the compiler of a new compilation which tracks the interplay between the music of the island and the wider world.
Josh Baines

ILAM Is Building A Musical Foundation on Hope

"Without water, nothing can survive. Water is vital. Water is hope for a good harvest."
Sharonne Cohen
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Mr. Eazi Wants to Connect a Billon People Through Afrobeats

How the former college party promoter took a calculated risk to become West Africa's next star.
Lawrence Burney

Here's 10 Must-See Movies for Music Lovers at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

From dancehall to Malian singer-songwriters to Janelle Monáe, this year's lineup offers something for everyone.
Tina Hassannia
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Bambii's New Mix Proves Why She's the Best Toronto DJ You Don't Know About

"An ode to dismantling restrictive ideas around art and life."
Max Mertens

Spazz Out Klezmer-Punk Style to "Coltun's Pinky Crusher” by Les Rhinoceros

The D.C. jazz punks create "world music without a country."
Brad Cohan

How Black Coffee Rose from South Africa's Townships to Become the King of Afro-House

With a North American tour and parties in Ibiza under his belt, Black Coffee is fighting for South African artists to be recognized beyond the reductive "world music" label.
VICE Thump
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Manu Chao Is Music's Last True Radical

Peter Culshaw has trailed the enduring troubadour from a Saharan refugee camp to a mental asylum in Argentina and still doesn't quite know how to nail him down.

Pinch Takes His Deep Bass Tones on an African Adventure

You can download his track "Are You Coming With Us?" ft. Temi Oyedele for free
Jemayel Khawaja
You Need to Hear This

Noura Mint Seymali Is the Psych Blues Artist from Mauritania You Need to Know About

She comes from a lineage of musicians: Noura’s mother was Mauritania’s singer of her time and her father wrote the national anthem.
Zachary Lipez

Beats Antique Made the Most High-Concept World Music Album Ever

It's comparative mythology for the Burning Man set.
David Garber