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Eight Jobs You Can Do from a Tree

Or in a cave, or in a hole, or on the water. (Anywhere, you see.)
Evie Carrick

10 Great Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

These jobs provide the cash and flexibility needed to live life as a digital nomad.
Evie Carrick
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Author Writing Book About Murderous Author Arrested for Murder

"I've been waiting for you here all this time," Liu Yongbiao reportedly told the arresting officers.
Lauren Messman
Indigenous issues

Meet the Indigenous Writer Using Photos to Tell His People’s History over Twitter

Paul Seesequasis says the series is based on resilience, resistance, and endurance.
Tari Ngangura

Some of Shakespeare's Plays Officially Have a Co-Author

An upcoming collection for Oxford University Press credits Marlowe with collaborating on Shakespeare's 'Henry VI' plays.
Lauren Messman
The Sick Day Issue

Eimear McBride Is Back

The writer's second novel, <i>The Lesser Bohemians</i>, took nine years to write and comes out this month.
Lauren Oyler
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J. K. Rowling Was Just Kidding About Not Writing Anymore Harry Potter Books

The author is coming out with three new short stories set in the wizarding world this September.
VICE Staff

The Bizarre Story of JT Leroy, the World Famous Author Who Didn't Exist

We spoke to Jeff Feuerzeig, director of a new documentary about literature's greatest hoax.
Roisin Agnew
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A Guy Named Hemingway Won This Year's Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest

Dave Hemingway—who has no relation to the author—beat out 139 fellow doppelgängers in the annual "Papa" Hemingway Look-Alike Contest this weekend.
VICE Staff

'Author: The JT Leroy Story' Goes Inside One of the Greatest Scandals in Modern Literature

Director Jeff Feurzeig's film tells us the story of Laura Albert, the woman who fooled the nation with her fictional alter-ego.
VICE Staff
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Joy Williams Explains How to Write a Short Story

We spoke with one of America's greatest fiction writers to talk about her new book of very short stories, 'Ninety-Nine Stories of God.'
Lincoln Michel

This Writer Created an Alter-Ego to Mock Pretentious Poets

Writer Kate McLeod's alter-ego spends her days sitting at a bus stop in suburban London, reciting terrible poetry to whoever will listen.
Francisco Garcia