WrestleMania's Iconic Hulk Hogan-Ultimate Warrior Match Almost Never Happened

A hydro labour dispute in Toronto led to fears of a power strike and a potential blackout that could have derailed the event, something WWE boss Vince McMahon was left in the dark on.
Corey Erdman
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Rogue polar bears are putting the strain on bear guards in Canada’s Arctic

People risking their lives to fend off polar bears in northern towns
Hilary Beaumont

Netflix’s New 80s Women’s Wrestling Drama is Your Next Binge Watch

Watch the exclusive trailer for 'GLOW' starring Alison Brie and Marc Maron.
Amil Niazi

The Cult: Hulk Hogan

To a child of the nineties, the glorious circus of professional wrestling was viewed through guileless eyes. To the adult that child subsequently became, that innocence fell away, not least in the case of the mustachioed ringmaster, Hulk Hogan.
Will Magee
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High School Wrestler Lives Dream of Viciously Body Slamming His Principal

During some kind of fundraiser at the Saratoga Springs, Utah school, Twitchell apparently agreed to go to the mat with a student wrestler and got destroyed.
Liam Daniel Pierce

A Matter of Pride: Giant Silva

One man managed to traverse both Pride and WWF’s heyday: Paulo Cesar da Silva, otherwise known as Giant Silva.
Jake Hughes
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The 10 Greatest Wrestling Theme Songs of All Time

We asked talented writers across the globe to write about ten of the greatest pieces of music ever associated with greased up humans grappling ferociously on canvas.
Noisey Staff
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Wuvable Oaf Says Goodbye with a Musical Number in Today's Comic by Ed Luce

It's sad but at least the comic is leaving on a high note.
Ed Luce
wuvable oaf

'ACTION FIGURE!' Today's Comic by Ed Luce

Goteblud has an action figure but the spokeskid they paired him with for the ad isn't feeling it.
Ed Luce

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, UFC's Own WWE Feud

Like a WWE wrestler, Jones is forcing the audience to question the reality of “real” fighting. His confrontations with Cormier bring to mind a nearly two-decade-old pro-wrestling feud between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.
Chris Kelly
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The Wrestling Album: An Oral History

On November 20, 1985, The Wrestling Album entered the Billboard Top 100. It remains one of the most bizarre, eclectic, and enduring legacies of wrestling's mainstream popularity.
Patrick Sauer
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Finally, Some Good Environmental News: The WWF Has Discovered 211 New Creatures and Plants

The new discoveries include a fish that can (sort of) walk on land and survive for up to four days outside water, and a monkey prone to sneezing fits.
Tanwen Dawn-Hiscox