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I Feel Like Kanye When I'm in Wyoming

What it was like to stand next to Kanye West as he debuted 'ye' to the world after a few complicated months leading up to the release.
Eric Sundermann
climate change

Wildfires are raging across western North America and climate change is contributing

8.1 million acres of forest has burned throughout the United States, as volatile weather makes the west increasingly ripe for wildfires. The fires nearly reached the Burning Man festival.
Hilary Beaumont

The Healthcare Bill Is a Job Killer Too

Republicans want to roll back Medicaid, but that could hurt state economies.
Steven Yoder

What I Saw at an All-Ages Machine-Gun Party

Machine-gun lovers of all ages gathered in Casper, Wyoming, this spring to share in the joy of fully automatic rifles and artillery.
Nathan C. Martin
college football

The First Saturday of College Football Didn't End Until 4:34am (EST), Sunday

Due to a lightning storm delay for two hours, Northern Illinois and Wyoming didn't finish up their game until deep into Sunday morning after triple overtime.
Liam Daniel Pierce
the vice reader

Life Inside an American Mining Boomtown on the Brink of Decline

J. J. Anselmi's new book focuses on the Rock Springs's crushing provincialism, severe drug problem, and plague of suicides.
Nathan C. Martin

Herding Cattle and Shredding Powder in Carter Country (Full Length)

Pro Snowboarder Mark Carter leads a double life. In the offseason, he works on his family ranch in Ten Sleep, but once winter hits, the cattle come into pasture and Mark hits the road to Jackson to shred lines in the Tetons.
VICE Sports
Mark Carter

Herding Cattle and Shredding Powder in Carter Country (Trailer)

Herding Cattle and Shredding Powder in Carter Country (Trailer)
VICE Sports
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A Massive Crevasse Has Opened Up in Wyoming

Experts aren't sure about how or why it started—all they know is it's getting bigger.
Drew Schwartz

My Summer of Picturesque Purgatory Working in a National Park

Breathtaking views, friendly foxes, hungry bears, casual sex in communal showers—I saw it all in my months of working at Grand Teton National Park.
Meg Mankins

Ai Weiwei's Zodiac Heads Loom Over the Elk-Killing Fields of Wyoming

The most important contemporary art show to ever come to Wyoming casts a long, dark shadow over the supposed animal sanctuary below.
Nathan C. Martin

Heather Woods Broderick's New Video For "Wyoming" is a Melancholic Dream

Supposedly the song was written about unrealized love; set in metaphorical landscape of rural Wyoming.
Kayla Monetta