YouTube Removed Videos of Robots Fighting, Calling it Animal Abuse

Several Battlebots videos were taken down in the least few days, with YouTube citing animal cruelty policies.
Samantha Cole
18 hours ago

Watch a Guy Eat 30 In-N-Out Burgers to Prove That He's SoOoOo 'Insane'

You are just not going to believe how, like, insane this dude is, bro.
Jelisa Castrodale

From ‘Naruto’ to ‘Iron Man’, YouTuber King Vader Is Making Them Do the Milly Rock

We spoke to Dominique Barrett aka King Vader about why be believes he’ll be the greatest director of his generation.
Noel Ransome

The Real Reasons Kids Want to Become YouTubers

With the huge success of a new vlogging video game, 'Youtubers Life OMG!', we spoke to children and their parents about seemingly every kid's dream career.
Amelia Tait
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Lilly Singh Is Taking a Break from YouTube, Citing Mental Health

The Canadian YouTube personality says she’s burned out.
Noel Ransome

Logan Paul vs. KSI Is the Mayweather-McGregor Boxing Match for Tweens

Ninety percent of 'super fights' in boxing and MMA are cynical cash grabs. This bout between these two YouTube stars is nothing different.
Jack Slack

KSI Told Us How He Plans to Beat the Crap Out of Logan Paul

Two of the world's most famous YouTubers will slug it out in a Pay-Per-View boxing match this weekend.
Sean Neumann

Meet the Comedian Behind Instagram's Most Famous Voice-Overs

Aristotle Georgeson is creating a particular niche for himself—a space on the platform where he can simultaneously engage with and mock the digital realm we all occupy.
Alex Norcia
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Pro-Trump robot videos are popping up all over YouTube — and no one seems to know why

“These channels are getting an 8-digit number of YouTube views every month, and they are designed to stir up outrage.”
David Gilbert
Black Women Making History

There’s More to Seren Sensei Than Skewering Bruno Mars for Cultural Appropriation

The activist, writer, and YouTuber wants you to make a commitment to supporting black artists and businesses.
sadie cruz

The Lonely Life of a Professional YouTuber

You might have a million subscribers online, but the trade-off is spending most of your time alone, in front of a computer – as WillNE knows all too well.
Joe Zadeh
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We Made American YouTubers Say Why They’re So Into Reacting to Grime

Related: why do helpful Brits in the comments care so much too?
Matt Suckley