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Zebra Katz Crashes Rick Owens' Glamorous Mansion in Seductive "Hello Hi" Video

Listen to the New York rapper's shadowy one-off club track.
Max Mohenu
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Zebra Katz Is a Charismatic Cult Leader in the Video for "Nu Renegade"

The director told THUMP about getting attacked by "Austrian rednecks in lederhosen" while filming this bad boy.
Max Pearl

Pushing the Limits of Limbs at a Flexing Dance Show in Brooklyn

Anthony Tafuro photographed the infamous FLEXN crew at a recent performance in their hometown as they contorted their bodies in all possible directions.
Anthony Tafuro
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Zebra Katz and Leila “Blk Diamond” Is a Hauntingly Beautiful Examination of Cruelty

The powerhouse collaborators are back with a powerful new video off their 'Nu Renegade' EP.
Michelle Lhooq
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Watch Zebra Katz and Leila's Tortured Tribute to "Nina Simone"

The queer rapper's collaboration with London producer Leila just keeps getting better.
Michelle Lhooq
Festival Season!

Bass Coast’s Founders Want You to Leave Inspired

One of Canada’s fastest growing electronic music festivals has a lot to be proud of.
Hollie McGowan
Festival Season!

Get Acquainted with the First Names on Bass Coast’s 2015 Lineup

This year, everyone’s needs will be met.
Hollie McGowan

Ten Scary Music Videos That Can't Be Unseen

You won't find these listed on a "Halloween Sounds" CD from Target.
Rachael D’Amore

Listen to Kito and Reija Lee's Murky New Track with Zebra Katz

Diplo is a fan of this and you should be too.
Lauren Schwartzberg