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'Every Single Separated Kid Has Been Terrified': The Devastating Effects of Trump's Zero-Tolerance Policy

A new report from a federal watchdog echoes the warnings from mental health experts.
Gaby Del Valle
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More than 400 parents were deported without their kids. This is what it takes to find them.

According to the latest data, at least 150 children whose parents have been deported are still stuck in shelters in the U.S.
Belle Cushing
Jika Gonzalez
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Protesters Blasted Audio of Immigrant Kids Crying at Kirstjen Nielsen's House

Then chanted "shame" when she walked outside.
Drew Schwartz

The man Trump put in charge of separated children has almost no experience with them

Scott Lloyd’s career has focused on crusading against abortion, not caring for migrant children.
Carter Sherman
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A Fundraiser to Help Migrant Children Raised $4 Million in Three Days

From more than 115,000 people.
Drew Schwartz
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This Is What Terrified Migrant Kids Separated from Their Parents Sound Like

On a recording obtained by ProPublica, a Border Patrol agent jokes about the "orchestra" of sound from screaming and crying children.
Lauren Messman
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Trump's new zero-tolerance immigration policy is so effective courts are conducting mass trials

The drastic policy shift has upped the workload for attorneys and clogged federal courtrooms with, at times, over 75 defendants in a given hearing.
Antonia Hylton

Ontario Is Re-examining the Law that Allows Doctors to Practice After Sexually Assaulting Their Patients

The regulations concerning Ontario doctors and sexual misconduct are vague and have allowed many doctors accused of wrongdoing to continue seeing patients. Finally, something might be done about that.
Emma Paling