We had a chat with Fryd Frydendahl about photos, jugglers and something as corny as friendship.

Fryd Frydendahl made her mark on the world of Danish photography in 2007 with the book “Familiealbum”– a portrait series of Ungdomshuset and its angry dreadlocked locals. Having spent the best part of half a decade in New York, Fryd was briefly back on Danish soil this summer, frantically piecing together the last bits of her next book - "Vinter". 

"Vinter" is a joint venture showcasing the collaborative works of herself and long time chum Halfdan Pisket. Kindly enough, Fryd has decided to lend us a handful of pages for the Photo Issue, as well as take a moment to chat about the photos, jugglers and something as corny as friendship.

VICE: So, how are you, Fryd?
Fryd: I just got back to NY after spending the summer in Denmark so I feel a little schizo. In a good way, though.

We are psyched to have your “Vinter” series in the Photo Issue. How did the collaboration with Halfdan come about?
"Vinter" (winter) is taken from a book that Halfdan Pisket and myself are currently putting the last touches on and getting ready to ship off to print. We actually started working on the book last fall when we realized that we were approaching our friendship’s 10-year anniversary.

Wow, 10-year anniversary?
Yeah. We met at a juggling school called ‘AFUK’. On my first day there Halfdan invited me to sit at his desk. We made a big deal out of NOT being jugglers and spent most of our time just hanging out with each other and our friend Asbjørn aka Armsrock. A lot of skateboarding, snacks and cider in champagne bottles followed over the years.

Is the series about that friendship?
“Vinter” started with a conversation about the fact that for five out of these ten years we’ve been living in separate parts of the world and how that made us both feel. Most of the time that feels a lot like winter. But as the project grew, it broadened. Some of the themes we’ve worked on for the book are melancholia/bleakness, lust, isolation and anxiety, but there’s also hope, sentimentality and an attempt of trying to "figure it out". We compliment each other pretty well.

Someone recently told me that the project could have been titled "Bipolar”. I like that.

It’s a pretty flattering term alright. What about when you’re home in Copenhagen? Is there somewhere that inspires you?
When I'm in Copenhagen I tend to do way too much socializing, aka. partying, which "inspires" me to go to the west coast of Denmark and hang out with my family. That's where I do a lot of my work. However, my husband and I just bought a small "kolonihus" (a sort of glorified shed) in the suburbs and that’s pretty cool too.

What’s next for you? “Summer” perhaps?
Ha! I actually published a book last year called  "The Summer of Yes", so I have that covered.

Check out more of Fryd and Halfdan's work at www.frydfrydendahl.com and www.pisket.dk