Relationship Goals

Everything You Learn About Your Relationship on a Year-Long, 15,000 Kilometer Bike Ride

How far would you go for love?
Alice .
13 hours ago

'Extreme Travel' to Indonesia's West Papua Puts Local Papuans at Risk

The recent arrest of a Polish tourist who allegedly met with independence activists in Papua is getting headlines across the globe, but it's the three locals arrested alongside him who are going to face the harshest penalties.
VICE Staff
2 days ago
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Watch the Emotional First Clip from the Final Season of 'Parts Unknown'

W. Kamau Bell remembers his unforgettable trip to Kenya in our first look at the show since Bourdain's death.
Drew Schwartz
3 days ago

Happiest Country in the World: Searching for the Secret to Finland’s Success

The Finns have it right when it comes to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Amuse Team

Here's How to Start Fights and Insult Strangers in Nine Foreign Languages

We asked our European VICE offices about their countries' rich traditions when it comes to cursing: The Serbians will threaten to fuck the first row of people at your funeral, while the Danish will call you an "ass banana."
VICE Staff

Photos of a Matrilineal Society in India

In some Indian communities, families are leaving inheritances to their youngest daughters and giving their children the mother's surname.
Elena del Estal

I Biked the Most Dangerous Road in the World

The old highway that connects the city of La Paz with the tropical Bolivian Yungas is one of the most dangerous roads on the planet. For daring cyclists, it’s a tourist destination.
Miguel Ángel Vicente de Vera

Airlines are Producing Millions of Tonnes of Non-Recyclable Waste Every Year

Chemtrails may be the least of our concerns.
Gavin Butler

The Five Best Motorcycle Trips on the Planet

From Iceland to Ethiopia, these are the greatest road trips you can take on two wheels
Kieran Morris

This Four-Star Hotel Shames Food-Wasters with Photos of Starving Children

At Hotel Monopol, Chinese guests have been singled out for their alleged tendency to load up their plates at the buffet and then ditch the piles of uneaten food.
Hilary Pollack

Stories from People Who Got Extremely Drunk and Woke Up in Foreign Countries

It's bizarrely common, so we thought we'd round up a few of the best tales.
Samantha Howard

We Got to the Bottom of Bali's Abandoned Plane Mystery

What's it doing wedged between houses in Kuta?
Nat Kassel