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North Korea's First Racing Video Game Is Terrible

North Korea has been in the news lately for a very scary reason, but it isn’t every day that Asia’s hermit kingdom releases a car-racing video game. And when they do, you can definitely expect it to be a boring simulation about driving down a pin...
Nadja Sayej
4 days ago

Capturing the Supernatural Elements of Our World

Rendering cultural and natural transformations democratically, photographer Michael Lundgren reveals an unaccountable world in his series 'Matter.'
Michael Lundgren

Here's How to Start Fights and Insult Strangers in Nine Foreign Languages

We asked our European VICE offices about their countries' rich traditions when it comes to cursing: The Serbians will threaten to fuck the first row of people at your funeral, while the Danish will call you an "ass banana."
VICE Staff

This Is What It's Like to Raise a Gender-Neutral Child

"When they hear you're pregnant, the first question people ask is whether it's a boy or a girl. Why is everyone so eager to figure out my child's genitals?"
Bo Hanna

What It's Like to be Able to 'Hear' Color

Artist Jack Coulter has a rare condition which enables him to hear color. In his work, he paints what very few can see.
Jack Coulter

Stories from People Who Got Extremely Drunk and Woke Up in Foreign Countries

It's bizarrely common, so we thought we'd round up a few of the best tales.
Samantha Howard

What It's Like to Eat Cake in a German Cemetery Café

When in Berlin, enjoy coffee and cake in an unexpectedly peaceful place: the cemetery.
Jasmina Knezovic
sexual assault

I Confronted My Rapist by Text Message

He asked for my forgiveness and I said "OK," but it wasn't OK.

Meet the Next Generation of Sumo Superstars

I traveled to Nou to visit a sumo training academy. I arrived on the first day of the school year and was introduced to the students, some of whom were as young as 12, who had moved out of their family homes to be there.
Daniel Ali

We Investigated Those Damning Rumors About Fidel Castro Being Justin Trudeau’s Real Dad

An extremely serious VICE report.
Drew Brown

In Bali's Deaf Village, Everyone Speaks Sign Language

The people in Bengkala, Bali communicate in kata kolok, a type of sign language that's unique to the area.
Matt Alesevich
So Bored Today

Meet the Volunteers Helping Refugees Battle Boredom with Yoga, Circus Tricks, and Storytelling

Aid workers are helping refugees get more than the bare necessities.
Helen Nianias