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"For shooters, killing a target is easy - it's getting away with it that's hard. We look at the business of contract killing in this episode of 'क se Crime' - 'F se Faraari'. #कseCrime

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11 December 2018, 3:06am

The contract killing or 'supari' racket has been perfected by the organized crime rings of Uttar Pradesh into a clandestine cell system where only the handler knows the whole picture, and each cell only knows their small role in the larger business. The business being, making sure the shooter gets to his target quickly and is able to flee the country even quicker. We break this system down, and how the police cracks down on murder-for-hire, in this episode of 'क se Crime', the VICE guide to crime in India - 'F se Faraari'. #कseCrime

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