Wuhan lockdown ends photo
Photo by Hector RETAMAL / AFP. 

Photos From the Day Wuhan Ended Its Coronavirus Lockdown

With the lifting of Wuhan’s outbound travel ban, these photos paint a picture of a city, once crippled by the coronavirus, slowly getting back on its feet.
08 April 2020, 1:22pm

This article originally appeared on VICE ASIA.

The Chinese city of Wuhan was cast into the global spotlight as the first epicentre of the novel coronavirus, an epidemic which has since turned into a global nightmare.

In an unprecedented move to curb the spread of the coronavirus, Wuhan went into lockdown on January 23. Before the borders were closed indefinitely, about 5 million people fled the city while 9 million remained. As the coronavirus made its way across the world over the next few months, Wuhan would remain in lockdown for an arduous 76 days.

As the coronavirus situation improved in Wuhan, lockdown measures were gradually eased by the end of March. Some offices reopened, some residents went back to work, and public transportation slowly resumed.

Then, at exactly 12 midnight on Wednesday, April 8, the travel ban on Wuhan was finally lifted. Residents who have been approved by the provincial government as healthy are now allowed to leave the city.

Although Wuhan’s battle against the coronavirus isn’t completely over, the end of the lockdown is a momentous occasion for the millions of people who have been stuck in the city for over two months. These photos show Wuhan residents on the day the lockdown ended.

A light show by the Yangtze River in Wuhan celebrates the end of the lockdown. The light show started just after midnight, and lasted for half an hour. Image from Weibo.

At midnight on April 8, traffic staff stood by at the border to manage vehicles leaving Wuhan. Image from Xinhua News Agency on Weibo.

A mother and her child sporting protective clothing at Hankou Railway Station, catching one of the first trains out of the city. Photo by Hector RETAMAL / AFP.

Wuhan residents decked in protective clothing at the reopened Tianhe Airport, trying to catch a flight out of the city. Photo by Hector RETAMAL / AFP.

During a ceremony at Tianhe Airport, a medical staff member from Jilin Province tearfully hugs her colleague, a nurse from Wuhan. Photo by Hector RETAMAL / AFP.

A woman is seen exercising at a park while wearing a face mask. Image from Wuhan City Hankou Jiangtan District Management Office on Weibo.

A man poses for the camera while he rollerblades at the park. Image from Wuhan City Hankou Jiangtan District Management Office on Weibo.

Traffic conditions in Wuhan show the city getting back to business. Image from Weibo.

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