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न se Nakal Mafia | क se Crime - Created with Prime Original Mirzapur

One way to pass an exam is to send someone else to take the exam for you - UP's criminal gangs have made this into an industry. We go deep into this racket in this episode of 'क se Crime: N se Nakal Mafia'. #कseCrime

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03 December 2018, 3:56pm

Getting in to a prestigious educational institution or government job is a matter of prestige for most, and a way to move up in life for many. Which is why criminal gangs that specialize in the ways to get ahead in exams thrive in UP and Bihar, that will do everything from leaking question papers to having examination centres infiltrated by examiners and teachers on their payroll, to even sending an impersonator to take an exam for someone else.

In this episode of 'क se Crime', the VICE guide to crime in India, we look into this quintessentially Indian criminal racket - 'N se Nakal Mafia'. #कseCrime

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