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A Man in Bengaluru Has Been Jailed for Having a One-Night Stand With a Tinder Date

The woman complained that he refused to marry her and left the morning after they slept together.

by Shamani Joshi
20 June 2019, 9:06am

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It’s a tale as old as Tinder: you meet someone on a dating app, get chatting, go out on a date, maybe end up having sex, then find that your date has disappeared off the face of the earth. But for one woman in Bengaluru, such behaviour was absolutely unacceptable. So, she had her dating app hookup jailed after he refused to marry her post a one-night stand and began ghosting her instead.

29-year-old Rama Reddy matched with a woman he worked with at a private tech firm in Bengaluru. The two exchanged texts and continued their online courtship for a month before having sex. But right after, the woman asked Reddy to marry her. Reddy turned down the proposal saying he “wasn’t ready for commitment”. And when she continued to pursue him, he blocked her on WhatsApp.

That’s when shit hit the roof. The woman complained to the police, alleging that she had felt forced to have sex with him and felt he had misled her into believing he wanted more than just to get into her pants. And because having sex with someone by promising to marry them after is considered rape in India, the man was thrown into jail immediately after.

"It was literally the morning after the night that he was breaking up with me. I felt so disgusted that I'd been used," the woman told Bangalore Mirror, talking about how the accused had pretended to be nice initially but didn’t want anything more than a physical relationship. "These type of incidents should not be repeated with other people using dating apps. Women should not be used as a source of physical pleasure," she added.

Dating apps may be designed to help you find your significant other, but just like the fuckboys that often frequent them, they can’t always be trusted. And even while this case may seem more like a morality issue of feeling the need to marry someone just because you slept with them, it’s pretty common for people to use these apps for casual sex. While the charges under which this man was arrested are still unclear, Tinder has time and again been accused of allowing sexual predators on its app. So even if you’re swiping right to find your Mr Right, it’s important to not only acknowledge the dangers of dating apps, but also accept that not everyone you hook up with is necessarily going to stick around for pillow talk.

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