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This Japanese Company Believes Sex Dolls Deserve Funerals

Memorial services are performed by a porn actress who claims to be a monk.
30 January 2020, 7:55am
sex doll funeral
Image by Ventus17 from Pixabay 

This article originally appeared on VICE ASIA.

Love dolls (aka sex dolls) are great to keep around (or so we're told) but notoriously tricky to dispose of. Ever so often, an inappropriately discarded love doll appears and scares the crap out of people. Countless online forums have been dedicated to discussing how best to throw away a used doll without terrorising innocent passers-by.

There’s also the issue of emotional attachment to sex dolls. How do you say goodbye to something that’s been with you in the most sexually intimate situations?

Enter Ningen Love Doll Company, which began offering funeral services for sex dolls on January 22. Rei Kato, an AV actress (aka porn star), performs the memorial services for the dolls, Sora News reported.

There are different funeral packages for doll owners to choose from:

The Doll Funeral Plan, which costs 50,000 yen (US$459) consists of a funeral and memorial service for the love doll. Owners will receive a funeral certificate and a commemorative photo or video.

A more affordable alternative is the Doll Joint Funeral Plan, which costs 30,000 yen (US$275), wherein a combined funeral service is held for several love dolls. Owners will also receive a funeral certificate and a commemorative photo or video.

For a more intimate send-off, the Doll Angel Funeral Plan lets owners follow the doll to a processing facility after the funeral. Those who do not want to see their doll crushed in a waste disposal machine can have the company disassemble it with a single-edged sword. The company can also read a letter written by the owner for the doll. Owners can keep a part of the doll as a memento. Like the other plans, those who opt for this one will receive a funeral certificate and a commemorative photo or video. This plan costs 90,000 yen (US$826).

The funeral services are held in Higashiosaka City, Osaka. A local industrial waste disposal company has partnered with Ningen Doll Company to process the dolls after the funeral.

According to the company’s press release, the choice of sword signifies their “desire to be sincere and respectful to the very end, for a body that exudes soul.” Single-edged swords are often used for religious ceremonies in Japan.

Besides love dolls, Ningen Doll Company also provides funeral services for stuffed toys and figurines.

In Japan, funerals for toys and robots are not uncommon. Japanese culture believes that every inanimate object has a soul, and should be laid to rest with a sincere thank you and goodbye.

About 2,000 sex dolls are sold in Japan every year. To some Japanese men, these sex dolls provide both sexual gratification and emotional comfort in the absence of a spouse or a loving marriage. However, the stigma surrounding sex dolls remains.

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