Cheesy Baked Potato Quesadillas Are the Bar Snack of Your Dreams

The loaded baked potato meets the quesadilla and no one is mad.

by Munchies Staff
03 February 2020, 8:49am

With the Super Bowl rapidly approaching, it's time for sports fans and non-sports fans alike to impress their friends with hyper-caloric snack foods that they can pile into their faces while shouting at the TV.

In this case, we fuse two of the greatest sports-bar foods ever: the baked potato and the quesadilla, because two forms of cheesy, fatty carbs are better than one.

If you don't know a whole bunch about football and don't want to sound like an idiot by only commenting on the commercials, distract your buddies with these quesadillas loaded with, well, loaded baked potatoes. We're talking bacon, scallions, and two kinds of cheese, smothered with sour cream if you so dare, and best enjoyed with a six-pack, naturally.

RECIPE: Loaded Baked Potato Quesadilla

Whether you live for your fantasy football league or don't even know what a field goal is, these quesadillas are a winner.

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