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Meet the Delhi-Based Hip-Hop Duo Reinventing Indian Rap Music

With an upcoming collaboration with Foreign Beggars and an album with Ritviz in the works, Seedhe Maut is riding the new wave of Indian hip-hop.
Aditya Mirchandani

Why I Walked Around Singapore’s 150km Perimeter

Walking the length of an ultramarathon with no training was a test for the body and the mind.
Aditya Mirchandani

We Speak to a Migrant Worker About What It’s Like to Live in One of Singapore’s Coronavirus Hotbeds

"I believe that if the government had taken steps to ensure that everyone remained safe, we wouldn’t be where we are today. They could have controlled this situation better."
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Arpita De

I Tried to Find the Best Way of Hanging With Friends During Quarantine

I spent a weekend going to online parties, workout calls, and gaming sessions to find out what it means to socialise in the new normal.
Aditya Mirchandani

What it’s Like Identifying as Asexual on Valentine’s Day

A holiday all about romance, sex, and intimacy, we wanted to find out what Valentine’s Day is like for people who experience these things in more atypical ways.
Aditya Mirchandani

The Weirdest Japanese Porn Trends We Wish We Never Saw

We razed the internet for the weirdest, most bizarre, and downright reprehensible subgenres of Japanese porn and fetishes, all so you don’t have to.
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There’s A Movie About Africans Who Do Kung Fu To Kill Hitler

We met Sebastian Stein, the creator of the bizarre movie, and found out that the making of the film is just as entertaining as the film itself.
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This Fortnite Game Wants to Teach Gamers What It’s Like to Give Aid During War and Disasters

Some of the challenges involve clearing minefields, skiing down slopes to deliver aid, and searching for civilians in a war-torn city.
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A Villa in Bali Is Under Investigation for Catering to Gay Men

This comes amid Indonesian authorities’ increasing intolerance towards the LGBTQ community. “Their website highlights the villa as specifically for the gay [community], here in Bali we don’t recognise that culture,” one official even said.
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Man Accused of Raping Two Minors Shits Himself in Court

He refused to change his clothes, stinking up the whole courtroom.
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TikTok Is Providing Unexpected Comic Relief During Australia’s Bushfires

Through viral dance videos and snarky satire, TikTok offers a flicker of light in the gloom and doom brought by the fires.
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Meet the Malaysian Artist and Ice Hockey Player Who's All About Empowerment

For 22-year-old Dhaniya Illiani Yusof, “The truest form of empowerment is to do things genuinely for yourself without intending it to be a form of contempt or dedication to anyone or anything."
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Sharon Shum