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Whales Could Help Prevent a Climate Catastrophe

The IMF estimates they're worth $2 million each to the planet.
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10 hours ago

The Amazon Lost an Area 12 Times the Size of NYC Last Year to Logging and Burning

The Amazon lost more forrest last year than at any point since 2008.
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2 days ago

This Is What Venice Looks Like Right Now

The worst flooding in more than 50 years has almost entirely shut down the city.
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Australia Is Battling Some of the Most Dangerous Wildfires It's Ever Seen

Around 100 fires were raging across more than 2 million acres on Monday.
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China Just Made a Big Show of Sentencing a Bunch of Fentanyl Traffickers to Life

President Trump has long accused China of not doing enough to take down fentanyl traffickers, so this time China put the sentencing on display.
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climate change

The U.S. Is Now Officially the Only Country to Pull Out of the Paris Climate Agreement

There's now little hope that Trump will change his mind, as he indicated he might back in 2017.
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the arctic

Russia Just Found 5 New Islands That Used to Be Covered by Arctic Ice

The head of the expedition announced they went on a number of archaeological expeditions and found artifacts from the 19th century.
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How Croissants Could Help Solve One of Solar Power's Biggest Problems

Inspired by the flaky pastry, scientists invented a new device for storing renewable energy.
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climate change

Greta Thunberg Wants World Leaders to Pay Attention to This Dire Report on the Oceans

It's the deepest dive into the state of the world’s waters to date and authored by more than 100 scientists.
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climate crisis

Tiny Island Nations Are Carbon-Shaming Everyone at the UN

A total of 15 countries, including several low-lying island nations, committed to zero-out their carbon emissions by 2050
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Japan Just Let the Executives Who Oversaw the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster off the Hook

Years after the disaster, there are ghost towns in the areas surrounding the plant.
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Storm Area 51

4,000 Gallons of Fuel and More Jail Space: How Tiny Nevada Towns Are Doomsday Prepping for "Storm Area 51"

The guys who started it as a joke event on Facebook worries about "a possible humanitarian disaster in the works.”
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