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The Christchurch Terror Attack Video Is Still Spreading on Facebook

The company took down at least 3 million more posts by the end of September.
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4 days ago

Al Jazeera to Facebook: Get Your Shit Together on Disinformation

Al Jazeera wants Facebook to crack down on a network of Emirati-backed pages, including "QatariLeaks."
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Why Twitter’s Political Ad Ban Won’t Make a Damn Difference

"That money that you’re banning isn’t leaving politics.”
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Social Media

Facebook Went to War Against White Supremacist Terror After Christchurch. Will It Work?

Facebook’s 350-person counterterrorism team is retraining its tools for far-right meme culture.
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Here's How Google Sends Advertising Dollars to Fake News Sites

New research shows Google's online ad technologies provide an estimated 70% of ad revenue to 1,700 websites purveying misinformation.
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Facebook and Twitter Aren’t Even Pretending to Take the FEC Seriously Anymore

Representatives for both companies all but ghosted an FEC-hosted discussion about what the platforms are doing to fight misinformation and foreign interference in 2020.
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Facebook Misled Journalists About How Bad the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Was

Misleading the press was part of Facebook's coverup of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to the SEC.
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Facebook Says It Already Deleted More Than 2 Billion Fake Accounts This Year

Facebook announced Thursday that the company killed more than 2 billion fake accounts in the first quarter.
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Pamela Anderson Redeclares Her Love for Julian Assange After Visiting Him in Prison

“I love him,” she told reporters. “I can’t imagine what he’s been going through.”
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The Early Math From Apple News+ Isn't Looking So Hot for the Media

Apple News+ could fill just a fraction of the tens of billions in annual revenue that the media industry has lost to tech giants.
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The Truth and Lies Issue

What Facebook Is Getting Wrong in the Fight Against Fake News

Brooke Binkowski spends her days in search of the misinformation and propaganda that have infected digital media. We caught up with her to talk Facebook and fact-checking.
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