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Millions Living in India Risk Becoming Stateless From August 31

As authorities in the volatile northeastern state of Assam prepare to publish the controversial National Register of Citizens (NRC) tomorrow, millions fear they could be excluded and torn apart from their families.
Dhvani Solani
The VICE Guide to Right Now

An RSS-Backed Body Says There’s No Need for Sex Education in Schools

They believe that the things students should be aware of in terms of the human body and its parts, are already being taught through subjects like biology.
Dhvani Solani

We Meet the Guy Who Showers in the Middle of India’s Nightclubs

Rajesh Tamang’s side hustle involves pouring free shots down clubgoers’ throats and getting himself real wet in a shower cubicle stationed in nightclubs.
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Emojis That Don’t Exist but Should

If we all had a bong, we’d all get along.
Shamani Joshi
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People in Japan Are Renting Cars to Charge Phones, Nap and Practise Rapping

A few others are choosing to watch TV, get dressed for Halloween, and do facial stretches, instead of drive.
Dhvani Solani
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Malaysia Plans to Decriminalise Drug Possession for Personal Use

However, this does not mean that the country that carries the death penalty for drug trafficking is legalising drugs.
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People Are Literally Dying for the Perfect Selfie

And Indians are leading the death-by-selfie stats.
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Tourists Are Coming All the Way to India to See Political Rallies and Have Dinner With Politicians

Travel companies are cashing in on The Great Indian Election.
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Christchurch shooting

5 Reasons Why the New Zealand Attacks Should Alarm India​

The anti-immigrant and right-wing extremist sentiment might sound familiar to you.
Pallavi Pundir
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Smoking up Before Sex Can Lead to More Intense Orgasms

A new study reveals that science is on our side.
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wild wild country

Leopards Live Alongside Locals in These Lanes

Human encroachment into Mumbai’s contested ‘forest’ lands leads us to a question we never thought we’d ask: Can predators and people coexist in a concrete jungle?
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2019’s Bizarre Trend: Booze Without the Booze

Zero-alcohol beers and spirits are finding shelf space around the world.
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